Worm Screw Jack Precision Requirements

Worm Screw Jack The electric press device is the most commonly used fast adjusting mechanism of the roller seam on the hot rolling machine of aluminum strip. According to the requirements of rolling condition and product precision, the lower inertial system is required to adapt to the frequent start-up and braking, Worm Screw Jack while the high transmission efficiency and the two-side position accuracy are used.

Hot-rolling machines are usually controlled by electric pressure and hydraulic adjustment of the way to control the roll seam, in which the electric pressure by the motor, coupling, worm gear reducer, pressure screws, down nuts, thrust bearings and other major components. At present, Worm Screw Jack the electric press device cancels the clutch and brake used in the traditional design, the position feedback is carried out with high-precision displacement sensor, and the two sides errors are compensated by the hydraulic system. Worm Screw Jack It greatly improves the reaction speed and accuracy of the system, and at the same time, the compression nut is changed from CU alloy to steel-copper composite structure, and on the basis of keeping the original screw-pair structure, the dosage of copper alloy is greatly saved, and it has good economy. For hot-rolling machines, the main components to be balanced on the roll balancing device include: The quality of the upper support roll, the quality of the working rolls, Worm Screw Jack the pressure screw and the quality of the thrust bearing and the bearing seat, and the quality of the balance beam and the upper guide plate. The balancing force of the balance of the working rollers is 5% of the weight of the cardan shaft, which can be neglected here, Worm Screw Jack the over balance force of the upper roller balance device, the effect on the load of the screw under the pressure of the rolling force is very small, and can be neglected in the basic So the design of the screw under the pressure and the load calculation can not consider the influence of the balance force.

Because the pressure screw is only the thread and the part of the thrust bearing within the rolling force, pretending to resist the pressure of the screw in the calculation of the upper part of the involute spline, Worm Screw Jack so only the minimum diameter of the screw under pressure to meet the strength requirements;

2.3 Thread Strength Check

Due to the pressure of the nut material in the strength of lower than the pressure screws, it is only necessary to check the pressure of the nut screw bending and shear strength.

Due to the general motor's maximum torque limit of 1.5 times times the rated torque, assuming that there is a compression screws appear in the accident, Worm Screw Jack then two of the torque of the motor is all added to a pressure on the tail of the spline, at this time the maximum torque:

Hot-rolling machine under the pressure screws may occur card resistance, the pressure of the nut easy to wear, short service life, spare parts consumption is a common problem, downtime overhaul and replacement greatly affect the production efficiency of the equipment, which is largely caused by poor lubrication.

The traditional electric pressure device adopts open lubrication, the screw has short service life, the oil consumption is large, and the lubricating oil (or grease) is not recycled and directly mixed with the rolling oil (emulsion). At the same time to ensure the lubrication effect, but also to control the consumption of lubricating oil and to prevent environmental pollution, so that the pressure device is not ideal. Worm Screw Jack Now, the pressure device is used for oil more than the closed-type oil lubrication system, in the lubricating oil to add energy-saving anti-wear agent, and the pressure of the screw oil supply structure to improve, has achieved good results.

The schematic diagram of the improved pressure device structure, the involute spline, the thread pair and the thrust bearing are all used in the dilute oil circulation lubrication, the lubricating oil use efficiency is high, the lubricating effect is good

On the side of the dust cover with a spray pipe, the pressure on the screws to spray low pressure lubricating oil, the involute spline and thread parts lubrication, retractable protective cover at the bottom of the back tubing, lubricating oil through the back to the oil tank. The protective cover can prevent lubricating oil from spilling and polluting the rolling emulsion, and the whole pressure screw and nut lubrication form a closed system. Worm Screw Jack Because of the high requirements for the cleanliness of the lubricating oil, the thrust bearing has a separate inlet and back tubing for the bearing seat of the thrust bearing.

Through the design analysis and calculation of the pressure screw, according to the reasonable selection of the press screw and nut materials, heat treatment technology, Worm Screw Jack thread diameter and pitch and other key parameters, in the case of minimizing the size of the mechanism to meet the needs of the use, to extend the service life of electric pressure device. The improved closed-type dilute oil lubrication system has achieved good lubrication effect in the actual use.