Miter Gearbox Main Use

Miter Gearbox Gearbox is a kind of industrial components, it can pass the transmission gear system to complete the power transmission task, at the same time, gear box as a transmission gear machinery accessories, in the chemical industry is also very wide use. In this paper, the application of gear box, Miter Gearbox the common fault of the gearbox and the diagnosis measures are discussed in detail.

The use of Gearbox

The main use of the gearbox is as follows: first, it can change the speed of transmission through the gear set, which is often referred to as the "gearbox" in industry. Second, the gearbox can change the torque, that is, in the same power of the premise, the greater the speed of the gear, gear shaft is the smaller the torque, in turn, the greater; gear box used for power distribution, in industry, the staff can use an engine, Miter Gearbox through the main shaft of the gearbox to affect a number of axes, and then as long as one engine will pull several loads; the gear box has the function of clutch, the brake clutch is the use of the gearbox, People are free to separate the two meshing gears and then split the load and the engine apart; in the direction of transmission, it is advisable to use two-fan-shaped gears to transmit the forces in a vertical direction to the axis of rotation on the other side.

Second, the typical failure of gearbox performance

Through the analysis of the practical application of the gearbox, it is not difficult to determine its fault. The entire gearbox system contains bearings, gear, transmission shaft and box structure and other components, as a kind of commonly used mechanical power system, it is in the continuous movement of the same time, very easy to appear mechanical parts failure, especially bearings, gears and drive shaft of these three parts, Miter Gearbox the other failure probability is significantly lower than them.

When the gear performs the task, the function parameter is beyond the allowable maximum critical value because of the lack of the ability to work because of various complicated factors. Its manifestation is also multifarious, the overall situation, it is divided into two main categories: the first is the gear in the cumulative rotation gradually produced, because the outer surface of the gearbox in the process of bearing relatively large load, Miter Gearbox in the gap between the meshing gear and the relative rolling force and the sliding force, sliding time of friction and poles at the opposite end of the direction is just the reverse, over time, the long-term mechanical operation will make gear gluing, cracks, increase the degree of wear, gear break becomes inevitable. Another kind of fault is because the staff is unfamiliar with the safe operation procedure or violates the work specification and the request, in the installation of gears negligence, or in the initial manufacturing for the failure of the occurrence of hidden dangers, Miter Gearbox this fault is often because the inner hole and the outer circle of the gear is not the same center, the gear interaction between the shape of the error and axis distribution asymmetry.

In addition, in the gearbox of each part, the shaft is also prone to a slip of the parts, when there is a relatively large load impact shaft, the shaft will rapidly deform, directly induce the gearbox of this fault. When the fault diagnosis of the gearbox, the deformation degree of different axes on the impact of gearbox failure is inconsistent, of course, there will be a different fault performance, so that the axis of distortion also has a heavy and mild. Axis imbalance will cause failure, the reasons are as follows: In the load of the environment work, Miter Gearbox over time deformation is also unavoidable; the shaft itself exposes a series of defects in many process processes, such as production, manufacturing and processing, resulting in a serious imbalance in the new cast axis.