Bevel Gearbox Basically The Same

The axle gearbox is the last part of the transmission system which transmits power to the alignment of the walking wheel, and the power of the transmission shaft or hydraulic motor reduces the rotational speed and increases the torque, Bevel Gearbox which drives the wheel pair to rotate. In all kinds of large-scale maintenance machinery, axle gear box structure, transmission speed ratio and so on are not the same, Bevel Gearbox the current domestic use of the WD-320 stable vehicle transmission system with the same as the DC-32 tamping vehicle, so the two axles gear box is basically the same.

The DC-32 type tamping vehicle has 3 axle gearbox, Bevel Gearbox divided into the active bogie axle gearbox (hereinafter referred to as axle gearbox Ⅰ) and the driven bogie axle gearbox (hereinafter referred to as the axle gear box Ⅱ) two kinds. DC-32-type tamping car with high-speed, Bevel Gearbox low-speed two sets of driving system, its high-speed walk using hydraulic mechanical transmission, low-speed walk using hydrostatic transmission.

The high-speed walking of the tamping vehicle is driven by two axes, Bevel Gearbox the two axes of the front bogie are the active axle, and its transmission route is: Engine → torque converter → transmission → output shaft → gear box → axle gearbox → wheel.

When the operation of the tamping vehicle is walking, it is a stepping-type tamping operation. require frequent starting, braking or reversing, its transmission route is: Engine → hydraulic transmission → pump → oil motor → reducer → drive shaft → power shift box output shaft → drive shaft → transfer box → axle gear box → wheel → wheels. At the same time, another oil motor (auxiliary motor) drives an axle of the rear bogie, Bevel Gearbox as an auxiliary drive, increasing the traction force of the wheel.

Consists of box, small arc bevel gear input shaft, large arc bevel gear and bearing, Bevel Gearbox etc. The input shaft and the small curved bevel gear are made into one, Bevel Gearbox and the other end is connected with the flange through the spline and the flange passes through the drive shaft and the movable box.

Axle gear box Ⅱ structure. The gear box adopts the single pole cylindrical gear mode, mainly consists of 2 axes. The input shaft 5 is the first axis, and the incoming end is connected with the motor through the spline, and a small straight cylindrical gear, which can slide along the axis, Bevel Gearbox is installed on the shaft by a spline 8. Bevel Gearbox Axle 3 is the second axle, and the axle is loaded with a large spur gear 1, which drives the axle to rotate. The axle gear box is fitted with a clutch of cylinder-operated, and the meshing and separating of the large spur gear 1 is completed by pushing the fork 7 on the clutch shaft 6 to drive the small spur gear 8.

The axle gearbox is ⅱ with a clutch operated by a cylinder, Bevel Gearbox the gear 8 is separated from the gear 1 at high speed, and the Gear 8 is meshed with the gear 1 through the wind-controlled cylinder when the operation is walking, which becomes the active axle. Bevel Gearbox This axle gear box because of the design of the clutch shaft, so in two conditions of conversion, if the control part of the cylinder can not successfully complete the Gear 8 movement, then will lead to the entire transmission system damage, Bevel Gearbox therefore, at ordinary times must pay attention to the clutch wind cylinder control part of the inspection and maintenance.