Bevel Gearbox Elasticity Check

By the box, small arc bevel gear input shaft, large curved bevel gears and bearings and other components. The input shaft is integrated with the small arc bevel gear, and the other end is connected with the flange by spline. Bevel Gearbox The flange is connected with the transfer case through the transmission shaft.

The gear box is used in Figure 4 shows the unipolar cylindrical gear mode, mainly composed of two shafts. The input shaft 5 is a first shaft whose inlet is connected to the motor by splines and a small straight cylindrical gear 8 which is slidable in the axial direction by means of splines. The axle 3 is the second axis, Bevel Gearbox and the shaft is press-fitted with a large spur gear 1 to drive the axle to rotate. Bevel Gearbox The axle gearbox is provided with a cylinder-operated clutch which is engaged with the large cylindrical gear 1 by pushing the fork 7 on the clutch shaft 6 to drive the small straight cylindrical gear 8 to be engaged.

The axle gearbox II is provided with a clutch operated by a cylinder, and when the high speed travels, the gear 8 is separated from the gear 1. When the work is running, Bevel Gearbox the gear 8 is engaged with the gear 1 through the air control cylinder, and the axle becomes the driving shaft. This axle gear box has a clutch shaft design, so in the two conditions of conversion, if the control part of the cylinder can not successfully complete the movement of gear 8, it will lead to damage to the entire transmission system, Bevel Gearbox therefore, usually must pay attention to the Clutch air cylinder control part of the inspection and maintenance.

(1) to prohibit the tamping car and stabilize the car for the transfer machine, the machine is not even a car trailer operation, especially encountered uphill more should be a few cars at the same time output (but should pay attention to the file, Return to the operation of the synchronization problem, Bevel Gearbox the car to strengthen the contact), to avoid the main car to run the gear box overload caused by damage to the axle gear box.

(2) to strengthen the oil level inspection, oil level is too high or too low will cause the cabinet overheating, gear box temperature is not allowed to exceed 95 ℃.

(3) regular replacement gear oil, found abnormal abrasive, Bevel Gearbox off the material to be carefully analyzed to find out the reasons, the situation is required to check out the box.

(4) regularly check the trip gear box piston pump work is normal. Bevel Gearbox Method is: the box outside the oil pipeline pipe joints loose, so that a large machine to move a distance or turn the wheel after a few laps, observe the tubing joints at the obvious oil, Bevel Gearbox if not the need to dismantle the piston pump Check out the cause to be excluded. Because the small bevel gear shaft bearings rely on the piston pump to provide pressure oil to lubricate, or will be easy to lack of oil so that the final cause damage to the gear box.

(5) on the gear box to adjust the balance of the vibration pad to strengthen the elasticity of the adjustment, Bevel Gearbox timely adjustment of the clamping force, Bevel Gearbox reduce vibration and damage to the transmission components of the adverse effects. Annual inspection should be balanced bar joint bearing hole parts and connecting pin for magnetic particle testing, regular lubrication.

(6) on the auxiliary drive gear box to pay attention to the cylinder clutch off, Bevel Gearbox hanging gear is flexible, in place, replace the oil motor when the attention of the inlet and outlet can not be reversed, otherwise it will cause a large machine operation slow and weak, Bevel Gearbox and the field operator only Observing from an external phenomenon is not easy to find the cause of the failure, to the inconvenience of troubleshooting.