Bevel Gearbox Overall Performance

Gearbox is one of the key components of MPS cement mill, its operation is normal or not directly related to the overall performance of the mill.  Bevel Gearbox the gear box mainly includes shell, Bevel Gearbox bevel gear set, planetary gear set, cover, seal, thrust bearing, etc., driven by the motor, through the bevel gear and planetary gear set to drive the plate in the thrust bearing On the movement, because the thrust bearing and the outer cover between the formation of high-pressure oil film, can ensure smooth and effective operation of grinding bowl. At the same time, the outer cover and the shell between the use of labyrinth seals, Bevel Gearbox effectively prevent the dust into. With the gear box connected to the bowl part shown in Figure 2, when the gear box movement, through the bolt to drive the whole part of the grinding bowl, grinding roller and grinding bowl between the formation of material grinding.

In a site 4000t / d production line MPS cement mill inspection found that the gear box seal at the rust out of the water (two), there are obvious signs of corrosion, but the seal rubber ring appearance is not damaged, so the initial speculation that the internal corrosion , Bevel Gearbox But the specific situation must be opened after the lid to determine. As a matter of great importance, FLENDER manufacturers also specifically sent to the scene to deal with, Bevel Gearbox agreed to open the gear box cover maintenance.

1) Remove the main motor with the preset travel first, then remove the bowl and gearbox with hydraulic wrench, gear box and ground

(2) in the extraction gear box before the need to support the parts include: roller, Bevel Gearbox roller connected to the pressure frame, support the pressure frame rod, disc and other parts. First with a special tooling will be linked to the roller, and then the overall tooling bracket placed in the center of the bowl lift platform. When the hydraulic jack lift the bowl from the bottom, the roller, pressure frame, drawbar, Bevel Gearbox etc. will be lifted together.

In the lifting process there are two points to note: As the side of the bowl installed back to the scraper, in the process of lifting the upper end of the interference with the wind ring, Bevel Gearbox so first in the manual gourd with the horn with the wind The ring pad to the position of the interference with the grinding bowl; lift the bowl during the process, in order to prevent the lifting part of the tilt (resulting in grinding bowl and gear box between the pin stuck), need one to measure the bottom of the bowl and gear Box on the surface of the distance, Bevel Gearbox one person to operate the electric hydraulic jack to maintain the level of rise, rather than rely on three hydraulic jack synchronous lift. In the process of lifting the grinding bowl, Bevel Gearbox you need to lock the jack with a nut to prevent sitting down hurt.

(3) the top of the bowl to fully expose the pin and leave enough to move out of space, began to extract the gear box. Gearbox extraction by manual hoist and round with the completion. First, Bevel Gearbox remove the gearbox from the track and clean, and use 4 small jacks in the gear box four corners to synchronize its top, Bevel Gearbox until you can put 20mm round bar so far (11 side, a total of 22).