Bevel Gearbox Stable Performance

The existence of the bevel gear has certain advantages, Bevel Gearbox can bring the stability of the machine, the key is because of the existence of the bevel gear goods, we do not have to be disturbed by this. And it is the time to operate with stable performance characteristics, how to say it? We have seen the time of the goods, we often have to repair, and very much affect the operation.

 But the existence of the bevel gear goods, we see that there will be no such work occurred, and it is relatively stable, the use of the nature of contrast. And the bevel gear goods to bring our conversion rate is very high, do not have to be so back and forth for this part, so that we give us still bring certain advantages.

  Spiral bevel gears are the main drive parts of the loader. Bevel Gearbox The active helical bevel gear is the power transmitted from the transmission of the car to the driven bevel gear, which drives the power to the differential. Therefore, the active structure of the helical bevel gear is the gear shaft, one end is spline, connected with the transmission power output shaft, the other end is the spiral bevel gear; driven bevel gear is disc gear, the diameter is greater than the active spiral bevel gear, Deceleration, while even along the circumference of some bolt holes, so that driven bevel gears fixed by bolts in the differential shell, Bevel Gearbox the power will be reduced after the transmission to the differential. The active bevel gears both have high transmission speeds while passing large torques and are subjected to impact loads during loading and braking. The main failure modes of such gears are wear, pitting and breaking. So the active spiral bevel gears should meet the following performance requirements: ① good mechanical properties; ② good carburizing quenching performance; ③ good impact resistance; ④ good heart hardness; ⑤ good thermal deformation performance.

Active spiral bevel gear service conditions and performance requirements, its technical requirements: ① forging must not have any forging defects. ② normalizing treatment HB179-217. ③ The surface carburization hardness is HRC58-62, the hardness of the heart is HRC32-45, the change of the hardness of the transition layer should be slow until the substrate is low carbon, the carburization depth is 1.0 ~ 1.4mm, and the carbon content is 0.8% ~ 1.05%.

Its motion is the same as that of a pair of vertex frictional wheel, which is composed of a pair of vertex fringes, and its frictional cone is the equivalent of the conical gear. Bevel Gearbox The angle between the cone and the axis and the axis is called the cone angle. The angle between the bevel gear drive axis = 1 + 2, which can be determined as needed, usually 90. Transmission ratio for the formula, n, Z, d, respectively, for the speed, Bevel Gearbox the number of teeth and gear roundabout circle diameter, foot bevel gear according to its teeth tooth length shape can be divided into straight teeth, helical teeth, arc teeth and so on several. Bevel Gearbox Straight bevel gears are widely used; helical bevel gears are rarely used and are gradually replaced by spiral bevel gears due to difficulties in machining. Spiral bevel gears require specialized machine tool machining but are more stable than the straight bevel gears High, is in the car, tractors and coal mining machinery to promote the use.