Bevel Gearbox Widely Used

Bevel Gearbox The Common gear box lubrication method has the gear oil lubrication, the half fluid lubricating grease lubrication, the solid lubricant lubrication several ways. Bevel Gearbox For the seal is better, the speed is higher, the load is big, the sealing performance is good can use the gear oil lubrication; For the airtight is not good, the rotational speed is low can use semifluid lubricating grease lubrication; for oil-forbidden occasions or high temperature occasions, molybdenum disulfide ultrafine powder lubrication can be used

Gear box is widely used in mechanical transmission of important parts, a pair of gear meshing, due to the inevitable existence of tooth distance, tooth shape and other errors, Bevel Gearbox in the course of operation will produce meshing impact and gear meshing frequency corresponding to the noise, between the tooth surface due to the relative sliding also occurs friction noise.

Because gear is the basic part of gearbox transmission, it is necessary to reduce the noise of gear box.

In general, gear system noise occurs mainly in the following aspects:

1. Gear design. Improper choice of parameters, overlap through small, tooth profile modification or no repair, gear box structure unreasonable. Bevel Gearbox The base section error and tooth shape error are too large, the backlash is too large, and the surface roughness is large.

2. Gear system and gear box. Assembly eccentricity, low contact precision, shaft parallelism, shaft, bearing, support stiffness is not enough, Bevel Gearbox bearing rotation accuracy is not high and improper clearance.

3. Other aspects of input torque. Load torque fluctuations, shafting torsional vibration, motor and other transmission of the balance of the pair.

1. The gearbox adopts the general design scheme, which can be used as the special gearbox of the industry according to customer's demand.

2. The realization of parallel shaft, straight axis, Bevel Gearbox vertical, horizontal general box, the type of components reduced, the size of the model increased.

3. The use of sound-absorbing speaker body structure, large box surface area and wind fan, cylindrical gears and helical bevel gears are advanced grinding technology, Bevel Gearbox so that the whole machine temperature rise, noise reduction, the reliability of the operation is improved, the transfer power increases.

4. Input mode: Motor connection flange, shaft input.

5. Output mode: Solid shaft with flat key, hollow shaft with flat key, hollow shaft with expansion compact disk, hollow shaft with spline connection, solid shaft with spline connection and solid shaft of flange connection.

6. Gear box Installation mode: horizontal, vertical, Bevel Gearbox swinging base type, torsion arm type.

7. Gear Box Series product has 3 26 type specification, the deceleration transmission series has the $number grade, the speed ratio 1.25, and R, K, S series combination obtains the bigger speed ratio.