Miter Gearbox Convenience

In addition, Miter Gearbox the transmission capacity (= power / speed) of the gear transmission is greater than O. 3Kff / Rpm, and the clutch unit has a transmission capacity Of the weight is very large, this approach is very detrimental to the assembly and maintenance of gearboxes, Miter Gearbox especially in the real gear repair gearbox clutch parts, must be removed from the ship drive system for the entire gear box, time and effort is very inconvenient.

DISCLOSURE OF THE INVENTION The object of the utility model is to overcome the shortcomings of the prior art, and to provide a gear box with a high power density and a high rotational speed, which can optimize the arrangement of the moving system of the ship. The object of the utility model is achieved by the following technical scheme, which is mainly composed of three parts of the input shaft part, the drive shaft part and the output shaft part through the gear meshing with each other, the input shaft part, the drive shaft part, Miter Gearbox The output shaft member is supported by a rolling bearing on a housing constituted by an upper and lower oblique type upper case and a lower case in which the output shaft member is supported on the lower case and the propeller thrust acting on the output member is transmitted to the The lower case and the mounting bracket which is connected with it. Miter Gearbox The upper case and the lower case are joined by an input shaft member, the plane of the axis of the drive shaft member is a division surface, and the joint surface is connected with a bolt and a positioning pin. The output shaft and the output shaft gear of the output shaft member are assembled by a tapered surface by an oil pressure method in the lower case. Miter Gearbox The utility model adopts the upper and lower oblique fractions of the box, which is advantageous for assembling the input shaft parts and the drive shaft parts of the two main components of the gear box, and is very easy to facilitate the maintenance of the clutch parts; Located in the lower box, can fully guarantee the accuracy of its processing requirements; Miter Gearbox gear box mounting bracket and the lower box integrated design, an increase of the rigidity of the gear box and propeller thrust capacity. The angle between the input shaft and the output shaft described in the utility model can be changed in the range of 0-15 °. With the high power density and high speed, it can optimize the system of the ship moving system, Miter Gearbox especially for the business jet , Sightseeing boats and other high-speed ships and so on.

(1) Based on the principle of gear meshing, the principle of conical meshing of the involute gears of the small-angle marine gearbox intersecting axis is studied. Miter Gearbox The phenomenon of cutting from the gear, the tip of the tooth tip, the tooth interference phenomenon and the gear pair The angle of the gears is calculated by using the imaginary rack tool, and the corresponding GUI GUI program is used to generate the tooth surface Set, combined Pro / E to achieve the progressive three-dimensional modeling of involute thickening gears;

(2) The correct meshing condition of the involute gears with intersecting axis is proposed, and the meshing analysis model is established. TCA analysis is carried out to study the effect of section end face displacement coefficient, axial angular installation error and axial installation error on contact trace The influence of the main geometric design parameters on the angle of the main direction of the meshing tooth surface (FPD angle) is studied. Miter Gearbox According to the length of the actual meshing line, the influence of the main geometric design parameters on the contact angle Coincidence degree is calculated, and the influence of main design parameters on coincidence degree is analyzed.

 (3) The finite element analysis model of the involute gears with the small angle of the marine gearbox is established, and the loading characteristics of the gears are analyzed. The FPD angle, the external load, the installation error of the axial angle and the axial installation error are analyzed. The Influence of Contact Force Distribution and Transmission Error

(4) Using the small-angle marine gearbox test rig, the loading test of the small-angle marine gear box loading condition is carried out to verify the accuracy of the theoretical analysis