Miter Gearbox Driven Form

Wind power generator is the wind power into mechanical power of the power machinery, also known as windmills. Broadly speaking, it is a kind of solar micro heat source, Miter Gearbox the atmosphere as the working medium of the heat using the generator. Wind generators use natural energy, much better than diesel power generation. But if the emergency use is still less than diesel generators.

Wind turbine is composed of wind wheel, transmission system, Miter Gearbox yaw system, hydraulic system, brake system, generator, control and safety system, nacelle, tower and foundation.

The main components of the function outlined below:

(1) Leaf blade is a unit that absorbs wind energy and converts the kinetic energy of air into the mechanical energy of the impeller rotation.

(2) the grouting system by changing the blade pitch angle, Miter Gearbox so that the leaves in different wind speed in the best way to absorb wind energy, when the wind speed out of the wind speed, the blade shriveled brake.

(3) gear box gear box is the wind wheel in the wind under the action of the power generated by the generator, and to get the corresponding speed.

(4) generator generator is the rotor rotation of the mechanical kinetic energy into electrical components. The rotor is connected to the frequency converter and can provide adjustable frequency voltage to the rotor circuit. Miter Gearbox (The metal machining is really good) The output speed can be adjusted within ± 30% of the synchronous speed.

(5) yaw system yaw system active on the wind gear drive form, and control system to match, so that the impeller is always in the windward state, make full use of wind energy, Miter Gearbox improve power generation efficiency. While providing the necessary locking torque to ensure the safe operation of the unit.

(6) Wheel hub The role of the hub is to hold the blades together, and bear the various loads on the blade, and then pass to the generator shaft. The hub structure is fitted with three radial flares.

(7) base assembly base assembly is the base, Miter Gearbox the next platform assembly, the platform assembly, tank ladder and other components. Through the yaw bearing connected with the tower, and through the yaw system to drive the cabin assembly, generator assembly, grouting system assembly.

Wind turbine works through the wind to promote the impeller rotation, Miter Gearbox and then through the transmission system to speed up the generator speed to drive the generator power generation, (metal processing is really good) effective wind energy into electricity. According to the current windmill technology, about three meters per second of the breeze speed (the degree of breeze), you can start generating electricity.

The most common structure of large wind turbines connected to the grid is the horizontal axis of the three-blade wind wheel and is mounted on an upright tubular tower with wind turbine blades made of composite material. Miter Gearbox Unlike small wind turbines, Miter Gearbox wind turbines of large wind turbines are spinning quite slowly. Relatively simple wind turbines are used at fixed speeds. Usually with two different speeds - with low speed and high speed in strong winds under weak winds. These fixed-speed wind motor induction induction generator can directly generate the AC frequency of the grid.

The relatively new design is generally variable speed (such as V52-850 kilowatts wind turbine speed of 14 per minute to 31.4 per minute). With variable speed operation, Miter Gearbox the aerodynamic efficiency of the wind turbine can be improved to extract more energy and lower noise in weak wind conditions.