Miter Gearbox Driving Resistance

Gear box is based on modular structure modular design principle, Miter Gearbox greatly reducing the type of parts, suitable for large-scale production and flexible selection. Also known as gearboxes (ie transmissions) in automotive parts.

1, in a wide range to change the size of the car driving speed and the size of the wheel on the car drive wheel.

Due to the different driving conditions of the car, it is required that the traveling speed and the driving torque of the vehicle can vary widely. For example, Miter Gearbox in the high-speed road speed should be able to reach 100km / h, and in the urban areas, the speed is often 50km / h or so. Empty vehicles in the straight on the road, the driving resistance is very small, then when loaded uphill, the driving resistance will be great. Miter Gearbox The characteristics of the car engine speed range is smaller, and the torque range can not meet the actual needs of the road.

The crankshaft of a car engine is generally only capable of turning in one direction, and the car sometimes needs to be able to go backwards, Miter Gearbox so the vehicle is often used to reverse the vehicle.

When the clutch is engaged, Miter Gearbox the gearbox can not output power. For example, it is possible to ensure that the driver releases the clutch pedal from the driver's seat when the engine does not turn off. Transmission by the variable speed transmission mechanism and variable speed control mechanism of two parts. The main function of the variable speed transmission mechanism is to change the value and direction of torque and speed; Miter Gearbox the main function of the control mechanism is to control the transmission mechanism, to achieve the transmission transmission ratio transformation, that is, Miter Gearbox to achieve shift to achieve variable speed torque.

The mechanical gearbox is mainly used to reduce the principle of gear transmission. Simply put, the gearbox has multiple sets of gears than the different gears, and the car when the shift behavior, Miter Gearbox that is, through the operation of the gearbox to the different gears work. Such as in the low speed, so that the transmission gear than the large work, and at high speed, so that the transmission gear than the small work.