Miter Gearbox Higher Power

The gearbox is a kind of transmission device which achieves the variable speed by the meshing of the gears. There are many applications in the speed of industrial machinery. Miter Gearbox Gearbox in the low-speed shaft mounted on the large gear, high-speed shaft mounted on the pinion, through the gear meshing and transmission, you can complete the acceleration or deceleration process.

The gearbox is usually a common design, but in special cases the gearbox design can be changed according to the needs of the user, the variant for the industry-specific gear box. Miter Gearbox Gearbox design, parallel shaft, vertical shaft, general box and a variety of parts can be changed in accordance with the requirements of users

Gear box running stable and reliable, high transmission power. The outer box structure of the gearbox can be made using a sound absorbing material to reduce the noise generated during the operation of the gearbox. The gearbox itself has a box structure with a large fan can effectively reduce the gear box operating temperature. In the process of using the gear box to the timely cleaning of the main gear box. Miter Gearbox Gearbox cleaning machine using the gear box of the original oil and oil system and filter the oil after cleaning the gear box to clean the gear box without any hardware facilities, do not add any cleaning agent to ensure the safe operation of the gear box to extend the gear Box life.

In addition to the deceleration function, the gearbox also has the function of changing the direction of transmission and the torque of the transmission. For example, Miter Gearbox the gear box can transmit the force perpendicularly to the other rotation shaft after the two fan gears are used to realize the change of the transmission direction, The principle of transmission torque is the same power conditions, the faster the speed of the gear, the shaft by the smaller torque, the greater the contrary.

The gearbox is divided into manual and automatic two kinds. Miter Gearbox The manual gearbox is mainly composed of gears and shafts. The gearbox AT is composed of hydraulic torque converter, planetary gear and hydraulic control system. , Through the hydraulic transmission and gear combination to achieve variable speed torque.

Transmission is composed of variable speed transmission mechanism and control mechanism, Miter Gearbox if necessary, can also be installed power output device. There are two ways to classify: according to the transmission ratio change mode and according to the different ways to divide the way.

Manual gearbox is mainly composed of gears and shafts, Miter Gearbox through different gear combinations to produce variable speed moment; and automatic transmission box AT is composed of hydraulic torque converter, planetary gear and hydraulic control system, through the hydraulic transmission and gear combination To achieve variable speed torque.