Miter Gearbox Of The Method

Marine gear box box hole system is generally parallel shaft hole system, Miter Gearbox the hole of the processing in the assembly often in the bottom or bottom of the bracket for the positioning of the benchmark, a clamping completed. (5 ° to 20 °), that is, the two-axis axis of the box in the vertical plane (5 ° ~ 20 °), that is, the input shaft and the output shaft has a small angle (5 ° ~ 20 °), that is, Miter Gearbox Within the intersection, so that the propeller to get a water angle, while solving the gear box in a small ship on the installation of small space. There is no special method for the processing of the inclinometer gear box box hole system, and there is no universally applicable method. And such a box parts such as the use of parallel shaft of the process, Miter Gearbox the need to design a set of inclinations with special tooling, single-piece, small batch production is very economical, and the hole can not be finished once finished finishing, The need for benchmark conversion, Miter Gearbox it is difficult to achieve the pattern of mutual axis position accuracy requirements, greatly reducing the parts of the pass rate and processing efficiency, Miter Gearbox but also a direct impact on the gear transmission accuracy and transmission stability.

First, the positioning reference is selected as a frame surface, so that the intersection of the shafts in the vertical plane is converted into the intersection in the horizontal plane; secondly, Miter Gearbox the machining equipment is selected with a horizontal machining center with arbitrary rotation angle, Relative to the input axis of the downward dip angle β processing, Miter Gearbox converted to horizontal machining center with the initial workpiece origin offset plane angle β of the slope of the hole on the processing problems.

Horizontal machining center on the workpiece offset conversion, that is, Miter Gearbox the workpiece on the machine table positioning, clamping, measuring the initial workpiece coordinate system origin, the establishment of the initial workpiece origin offset, the workpiece in the machine coordinate system position has been identified. When the table is rotated by the angle β to the beveled machining position, Miter Gearbox the offset of the workpiece origin is calculated as the calculation of the starting point of the new workpiece based on the initial workpiece offset. At this point through the CAD drawing to find X, Z direction of the old, Miter Gearbox the old workpiece coordinate system origin of the relationship

The use of the process of processing, Miter Gearbox the coordinate measurement shows that the technical indicators meet the pattern requirements, Miter Gearbox the whole machine test gear meshing accuracy is good. Product qualification rate ≥ 97%, the economic benefits are very significant.