Stainless Steel Spiral Bevel Gearbox


Stainless Steel Spiral Bevel Gearbox 

The SIJIE SJS series is a high quality, Low Backlash, Stainless Steel Spiral Bevel Cubic Gearbox. The gearbox is used for precision speed reduction, increase torque or to manipulate direction of shaft rotation. 

The spiral bevel gears are heat treated and lapped for maximum strength, smooth rotation, and efficient tooth contact. The high axial ball bearings enable quiet operation with capacity to handle radial load. The double lip, UV protected oil seals insure environmental gear protection and no leak during pressure wash. The synthetic 460 oil enable safe operation of the gearbox. Available also with food safe oil!


Polished 316 or 304 Stainless Steel housing for clean look and sophistication

Precision Crafted Spiral Bevel Gear is Heat Treated and Lapped for maximum strength and smooth rotation. 

Torque capacity up to 180Nm

Double Lip, UV protected oil seal to prevent external contamination

Modular, cubic housing design for mounting in any direction

Metric or Inch shaft, or Hollow Output Shaft

Motor Flange or shaft mount option

Ratio reducer 1:1, 2:1 

Less than 7 Arcmin of backlash

98% efficiency


Packaging, printing, converting, food process, and general speed and torque control. The Stainless Steel design for food safety and clean environment.