Miter Gearbox Working Principle

In simple terms, Miter Gearbox the working principle of the wind turbine is to promote the rotation of the impeller through the wind, and then through the transmission system to achieve the speed of the generator to drive the generator power generation, (metal processing is really good) effective wind energy into electricity. Miter Gearbox According to the current windmill technology, about three meters per second of the breeze speed (the degree of breeze), you can start generating electricity.

The most common structure of large wind turbines connected to the grid is the horizontal axis of the three-blade wind wheel and the wind turbine blades mounted on the upright tubular tower are made of composite material. Miter Gearbox Unlike small wind turbines, Miter Gearbox the wind turbines of large wind turbines rotate quite slowly. Miter Gearbox Relatively simple wind turbines are used at fixed speeds. Miter Gearbox Usually with two different speeds - in the weak wind with low speed and high speed in strong winds. These fixed-speed induction motors are capable of generating alternating current from the grid directly.

The relatively new design is generally variable speed (such as V52-850 kilowatts wind turbine speed of 14 per minute to 31.4 per minute). With variable speed operation, the aerodynamic efficiency of the wind turbine can be improved to extract more energy and lower noise in weak wind conditions. Therefore, Miter Gearbox the variable speed wind turbine design than the constant speed wind turbine, more and more popular.

The sensor mounted on the nacelle detects the wind direction and turns the nacelle and the wind wheel automatically through the steering mechanism, Miter Gearbox facing the wind (the metal is really good). Miter Gearbox The rotational movement of the wind wheel is transmitted to the generator in the nacelle through the gearbox No gearbox is delivered directly to the generator).

The power output of all wind turbines varies with wind. The two most common ways to limit the power output (which limits the pressure on the wind wheel) are the stall adjustment and the bevel adjustment. The use of stall-adjustable wind turbines, winds that exceed the rated wind speed will cause spoiler to flow through the airflow of the blades, causing the wheel to stall. When the wind is too strong, Miter Gearbox the industry will be tail brake device action, so that the wind wheel brake. Miter Gearbox The use of beveled wind turbines, each blade can be rotated in the vertical axis, Miter Gearbox the blade angle changes with the wind speed, thus changing the wind turbine aerodynamic performance. When the wind is too strong, Miter Gearbox the leaves turn to the edge of the air to the wind, so that the wind wheel brake.