Zero-backlash shaft couplings

                                         Zero-backlash shaft couplings

Shaft Couplings refers to connect the two different organizations shaft, rotate to make common mechanical zero transmission torque and rotation angle. A shaft couplings occurs between the two axis displacement compensation and have to absorb vibration, even in the operation in the process of sending abnormal exert too much torque on the axis of ration, the shaft couplings damage first to protect the motor. 

The safe use of the shaft coupling

1: The shaft coupling does not permit the deviation and radial displacement of the axial-axis line to avoid affecting its transmission performance.

2: SIJIE shaft coupling bolts can not be loose, defect

3: The couplings are not allowed to have cracks and should be replaced if there is a crack. (it can be tapped by a small hammer, judging from the sound).

4: The key of the SIJIE shaft coupling should be tightly coupled and not loose