Worm Screw Jack Growing Widely

A worm is a gear that has one or more helical teeth and is engaged with the worm wheel to form a staggered shaft gear pair. The indexing surface may be a cylindrical surface, Worm Screw Jack a conical surface or an annular surface. According to different tooth profile curve, ordinary cylindrical worm can be divided into Archimedes worm (ZA worm), involute worm (ZI worm), normal straight worm (ZN worm) and cone-shaped cylindrical worm (ZK Worm) and so on

(1) Archimedes worm: This worm, Worm Screw Jack in the plane perpendicular to the worm axis (ie, the end), the tooth profile for the Archimedes spiral, in the plane of the axis of the tooth profile (ie, axial teeth Profile) is a straight line with a tooth angle α0 = 20 °. It can be machined on a lathe with a single-pole (with a lead angle of γ ≤ 3 °) or a double pole (when γ> 3 °) with a straight edge. When the tool is installed, Worm Screw Jack the top surface of the cutting edge must pass through the axis of the worm. This worm grinding difficult, when the lead angle is large processing inconvenience.

(2) involute worm: involute worm (ZI worm) worm tooth surface is gradually open spiral surface, the end of the tooth profile for the involute. When machining, the tool edge is tangent to the base circle. Can be grinding, easy to ensure processing accuracy. Generally used for the number of worm head more high speed and more sophisticated transmission.

(3) Normal straightening worm: The end face of this worm is extended involute, Worm Screw Jack and the surface of the tooth (N-N) is straight. ZN worm is also a straight knife blade with a single pole or pole in the lathe turning. Turning when the knife blade plane placed on the spiral surface of the law, Worm Screw Jack the processing is simple, grinding wheel can be used, often used in long precision worm drive.

(4) Cone Envelope Worm: This is a non-linear spiral worm. It can not be machined on a lathe and can only be milled on a milling machine and ground on a grinder. Processing, Worm Screw Jack the disc cutter or grinding wheel placed in the normal direction of the worm tooth groove, in addition to the workpiece for the spiral movement, the tool at the same time around its own axis for rotary motion. At this time, Worm Screw Jack the milling face of the milling cutter (or grinding wheel) is the spiral tooth surface of the worm, and the tooth profile on the I-I and N-N sections is a curve. This worm is easy to grind, the worm is more accurate, the application is more and more extensive.

The circular cylindrical worm drive is similar to the conventional cylindrical worm drive, except that the profile of the tooth profile is different. The helical surface of the worm is cut with a blade with a rounded arc, Worm Screw Jack and the worm is made with Fan Chengfa. In the middle plane (ie, the axis of the worm and the center of the worm), the tooth profile of the worm is concave arc, and the tooth profile of the worm gear is convex. Therefore, the circular cylindrical worm drive is a concave and convex arc tooth meshing of the transmission, Worm Screw Jack but also a line of contact with the transmission. The main features are: high efficiency, generally up to 90%; load capacity, generally higher than the ordinary cylindrical worm drive 50% to 150%; small size; small quality; compact structure. This drive has been widely used in metallurgy, mining, chemical, construction, Worm Screw Jack lifting and other mechanical equipment in the slowdown.

The worm gear is characterized by the fact that the worm body is in the axial shape is a concave circular arc for the formation of the rotating surface of the bus, Worm Screw Jack so this worm drive is called the worm gear drive. In the meshing band of this transmission, the pitch circle of the worm gear is located on the arcuate surface of the worm, that is, the arc of the worm is wrapped around the worm wheel. Worm Screw Jack In the middle plane, the worm and worm gear are straight tooth profile. Due to the simultaneous meshing of the teeth, and the contact between the teeth and the direction of the movement of the worm gear is similar to the vertical, Worm Screw Jack which greatly improved the gear teeth and the formation of lubricating oil film conditions, Worm Screw Jack and thus carrying capacity of about Akmami Germany worm drive 2 to 4 times the efficiency is generally as high as 0.85 ~ 0.9; but it requires a higher manufacturing and installation accuracy.