Worm Screw Jack Keep A Constant

Worm Screw Jack It is difficult for the tool to be consistent with the original parameters due to the wear of the tool itself during the normal tooling process. However,Worm Screw Jack  GLOOR AG's Logarithmical Relief Grinding technology solves this problem by allowing the tool's rear and skew parameters In the grinding moment to keep the constant, the tool blade shape remains the same, greatly improving the precision grinding tool grinding precision, making multiple grinding and the same as the original parameters to become possible, greatly extending the tool life, while improving The processing accuracy! GLOOR AG's products include forming cutters, Worm Screw Jack turbine worm cutters, thread milling cutters, gear hobs and milling cutters, cyclones (for processing screw and worms and screws), rotating push-pull knives (machining polygons), Multi-sided knives (turning polygons), keyway cutter, rolling wheel, Worm Screw Jack knurling wheel, three blade cutter, precision saw blade, radius arc cutter, Switzerland Moni Chena (MONNIER + ZAHNER) cyclone milling machine Whirlwind milling round discs and non-standard tool customization! Products are widely used in aerospace, defense industry, energy, automotive and other fields

(1) mechanical assembly should be in strict accordance with the design department to provide the assembly drawings and process requirements for assembly, Worm Screw Jack is strictly prohibited to modify the contents of the work or in an unusual way to change the parts.

(2) the assembly of the parts must be qualified inspection and acceptance of parts, Worm Screw Jack assembly process if found missing substandard parts, should be promptly reported.

(3) assembly environment requires clean, no dust or other pollution, Worm Screw Jack parts should be stored in a dry, dust-free, with a protective pad of the place.

(4) parts of the assembly process shall not bump, cut, Worm Screw Jack shall not damage the surface of the parts, or make parts significantly curved, twisted, deformation, parts of the surface can not be damaged.

(5) relative to the movement of parts, Worm Screw Jack assembly interface should be added between the lubricating oil (grease).

(6) match the parts with the size to be accurate.

(7) When assembling, parts and tools should have special facilities, in principle, the parts are not allowed to be placed on the machine or placed directly on the ground, Worm Screw Jack if necessary, should be placed in the protective pad or carpet.

(8) assembly in principle, Worm Screw Jack not allowed to step on the mechanical, if you need to step on the operation, must be laid on the mechanical protective pad or carpet,Worm Screw Jack important parts and non-metallic parts of the lower part is strictly prohibited stampede.

Bolt fastening, shall not use the movable wrench, Worm Screw Jack each nut shall not use more than one of the same gasket, countersunk head screw tightened, Worm Screw Jack the nail should be buried in the parts, shall not be exposed.

Bolts and nuts tightened, Worm Screw Jack the bolt should be exposed to the nut 1-2 pitch; Worm Screw Jack screws in the fastening of the moving device or maintenance without the need to remove the parts of the occasion, the assembly should be coated with screws before the screw glue.