SJC100 Cubic Miniature Screw Jack

SJC100 Cubic Miniature Screw Jack
Product Details

SJC100 Cubic Screw Jack Details Information: 

Jack Model: SJC100

2. Lifting Screw Diam.: 60mm 

3. Lifting Screw Pitch: 9mm 

4. Max load capacity: 100 KN

5. Gear Ratio: 1/8, 1/32

6: No standard stroke, all stroke is processed according customers requirements.

7. Top End: top plate, clevis end, threaded end, plain end, forked head, spherical hinge


SJC100 Cubic Screw Jack Specifications: 

SJC100 Cubic Screw Jack Drawings: 

SJC100 Cubic Screw Jack Ordering information


SJC - 100  - US  -  T  -  C -  1/8  - 300   -P
 1     2      3     4     5     6     7      8 


1: Jack Brand
SJC: "SIJIE" brand cubic screw jack

2: Load Capacity
:  Max. Load capacity is 100KN
Before selecting100, please check above SJC100 cubic screw jack specifications.

3: Screw Configuration & Mounting Orientation
US: Upright translating screw     UK: Upright keyed screw    UR: Upright rotating screw
IS: Inverted translating screw     IK: Inverted keyed screw    IR: Inverted rotating screw

Note: US,IS(Screw rotation,do axial motion)   UK,IK(Screw anti-rotation,do axial motion)   UR,IR(Screw fixed rotation,traveling nut do axial motion)

6: Gear Ratio:

     SJC100 cubic screw jack gear ratio includes 1/8, 1/32

     1/8: Fast speed, 1.125mm travel length per full turn of worm shaft.                 

     1/32: Low speed, 0.281mm travel length per full turn of worm shaft. 

7.Travel Sroke